Horseshoe Hearts $35.00
Horse Shoe Book Ends $13.00
Horse Shoe Napkin/ Mail Holder $13.00
Hand made leather leads with solid brass shank $60.00
Pony Size Nylon Halter Brand New $20.00

Birch Tack Trunks

Birch Bit Box $375.00

Single Wall Bandage Rack $45.00 (2 available)
Double Wall Bandage Rack $85.00 (Holds 2 sets of 4 wraps)

Keyhole Tracks (Made in the USA)
4' (fit 5' standards) or 5' (fit 6' standards) $40.00per set
Competitor Price: $46.99 per set

Keyhole Cups (Made in the USA)
Metal Cups $20.00per set, Shallow or Deep Plastic cups $16.00 per set, Metal Breakaway Cups $65.00 per set

Pin Style Jump Cups (Made in the USA) Heavy Duty Metal Cups $20.00per set Plastic Cups $17.00per set

1'6" x12' Picket Gate
Middle has a spot (not shown) for you to put your logo or farm name (additional cost) $175.00

Rock Filler Set
Measures approx: 30" X 23" X 18"

5' Angled Wings $165.00